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Eruca Technologies - eruca sativa

Eruca Technologies s.r.o. is a Czech-based company with extensive expertise in rocket fuel processing. As might be expected, Eruca’s staff includes technical engineers and scientific experts with military experience, and also includes individuals with knowledge and skills from other fields. Eruca’s green solutions for propulsion fuel processing has made us an important contributor in the field of rocket and missile demilitarization. Our process returns the obsolete materials to their original state, ready for reuse, therefore saving natural resources for future generations. 

Fittingly, the word Eruca is latin for rocket plant. The name was chosen to complement the environmental friendliness of our process for recovering good ammonium perchlorate from obsolete munitions and producing fresh military grade ammonium perchlorate.

logo BochemieThe process requires a high level of experience and expertise. Our service company, Bochemie a.s., has over 100 years experience in chemical production and operations. Bochemie is not only a respected producer and world-wide exporter of specialty chemicals but also holds numerous patents in the fields of metal surface treatment and industrial accumulator masses.

To learn more about Bochemie a.s. please visit www.bochemie.cz

The Company´s values are:

  • EXCELLENCE: Solving problems using break-through technologies that respect the planet and future generations.
  • OPENNESS: Eruca is dedicated to being honest and transparent in all our dealings with our clients.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We believe that no action should be taken without fully studying its potential impact on people and the environment.
  • and FLEXIBILITY: Believing the adage that change is the only certainty, we can readily adapt to our clients’ ever-evolving needs, as well as meeting the demand for developing greener, cleaner, and more energy efficient processes. 
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