Eruca Technologies APC finalAMMONIUM PERCHLORATE (APC) is the principle constituent of solid rocket propellants used the world over. Should a rocket or missile exceed its useable period, it must be disassembled and its components destroyed. Current practice is to destroy the propellant from these munitions by burning/incineration.

The new ´Eruca Technologies ´process can be used to recover good ammonium perchlorate from old weapons, avoid the destructive process of incineration, and contribute to the preservation of the environment and its natural resources.

Ammonium Perchlorate produced by Eruca Technologies s.r.o. meets all military standard requirements:

  • Military quality
  • Spherical crystals without cracks / defects
  • Defined particle size distribution
  • Homogeneous structure

Staying true to our company´s value of FLEXIBILITY, the product can be tailored to specific customer's requirements in terms of a quality/purity, size distribution of crystals, structure and packaging.

Eruca Technologies APC crystals Eruca Technologies APC crystals Eruca Technologies packing Eruca Technologies final APC Eruca Technologies APC